I am perparing for my move in tuesday over the weekend. I stayed home today packing all day despite the fresh snow in the mountain. When I pack my clothes, I found really have too many clothes. I can understand one want to have as many underwears and socks as possible, so he doesn’t have to do laundry too often. However, why do I need all those pants and sweaters? The cover clothes I have can allow to skip laundry for at least 2 months. Yet, I only wear a small subset of those clothes, usually the same one every week. Because I put them back on top after I did laundry and it’s more convinient to pick from the top of the pile every monring. I don’t like shopping for clothes and I rarely throw away clothes. My clothes usually mysterious appear in my closet after my Mom’s trip back to HK. Occasionaly, I was forced to buy clothes by Pat. I can tell some clothes has over 10 years of history. Since I am moving into a smaller apartment, I worry I may not have enough space for all the clothes. That got me thinking that how many clothes a person need realistically. I found most apartment come with a closet with mirror sliding door in the bedroom. From my experience the closet in every apartment are roughtly the same size. Did anyone research how much clothes a person need and then design the closet to fit the need of average people? Maybe I should donate all the extra clothes so that my clothes will fit in one closet space.

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