Ever since Lee An won the best director at Oscar, his movie Brokeback Mountain became the hittest topic these days. I keep hearing everyone talk about this movie, either at work, in the radio, in the newspaper or in blogs. This afternoon I overheard some colleagues about it happening in the cubicle next to mine, and I joined the conversation. I havn’t watched this film and I am not going to. I am only interested in action movies or maybe comedies. When I make this comment, one of the colleague reply him with a grin in his face sayting that Brokeback Mountain has lots of “actions” too. Apparently he has watched the movie and able to appreciate its artistic value. Another guy shares the same 100% male oriented engineer mind set as me, also make his stand that he will not watch it. It’s not really about feeling uncomfortable about the gay thing or being homophobia. It is just that normal men dislike boring movies. We all agree that the writer of this movie is a genius with creativity to combine two old concepts into an catching one. Gay is nothing new and cowboy also is nothing new, but gay cowboy kinda interesting. This creation inspires me on a theme for the next blockbuster. Let’s say combining Startrek with gay, to become a gay captain for the next starship Enterprise. It would be interest to see how the gay captain go boldly where no man had ever gone before, to discover gay aliens. It would be interest to see how the relationship evolves between the gay capation and his Vulcan 2nd commander, persumably a male. Can a Vulcan justify homosexual by logics, that is a philosophical question demands an answer.

2 thoughts on “Brokeback”

  1. You said you didn’t want to watch Brokeback Mountain because “normal men dislike boring movies”. I have a couple of questions.

    Why do you think this movie is boring (without watching it)? Is it boring because it is a gay movie? Or because it is a cowboy movie? But you also said combining the two makes it “kinda interesting”.

    What is your definition of “normal men”? Is “normality” defined according to sexual orientation, or to preference in movie genres? Are gay men “normal”? Are heterosexual men who don’t find this movie boring “normal”?

  2. It is the genre of the movie. Oscar winning movie are often boring. How come exciting movie such as Starwars or Matrix never won oscar. Clint Eastwood’s cowboy movie are cool, but not this fake cowboy movie without any serious gun fight.

    My standard of normal is pretty simply, I am normal.

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