Everyone around me is sick. Both of my coworkers sitting to my left and right are having a cold. Pat has a cold. One of the guys I go out to have lunch has a cold. I think I got a cold from one of them. I think my cold symptom is not very serious. Sleep more and have some good excerise in Whistler tomorrow should cure my cold. Cold is caused by common virus that many people have to have it at least once every year. The good thing is once you have it this year, your body is immune to this year’s cold virus and you are safe until next year. Normal medicine or antibotics doesn’t work on cold. I think the scientist should invent some kind of nano bot that can identify and kill all the cold virus inside our body. Think of it as artificial white blood cell. All the nano bot are linked to the central database on the web, they can download and identify the latest virus pattern and fight them efficiently. Unlike natural white blood cell, it takes times to adapt to the new virus. I just have an idea for my next sci-fi murder mysterous. Someone hack into another person’s nano bot and turn them against his own body. Now I just need to come up with the twists and other details of the story that attract readers.

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