This weekend I didn’t went to Whistler, instead I went to Cypress Mountain today. Me and my ground of friends went to Whistler for a few consecutive weekends already, we really need a weekend to relax a bit, without having to wake up early in the morning and exhausted for the whole day. My cousin suggested that we can go to Cypress in the afternoon. Althought it is not as good as Whistler, I can use some excerise this week. The snow in Cypress is not bad today, provided that it got some fresh snow over the week. I am afraid this is probably the last weekend Cypress with good snow, Spring is coming. I took a lesson as usual although I didn’t expect much to learn. The level 6 in Cypress is easier than level 5 in Whistler. I have a present surprise in today’s class. When I mention I would like to take CSIA level 1 next week and ask the instructor to take a good look at my skill, I found out the instructor will be the examiner next week! At the end of the class, he said he cannot tell me whether I will pass, but he tell me to give it a try. It is really an encouragement. I sent in the registration form once I got home. Now, I hope the class is not full yet.

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