Afghan cuisine

Tonight I have a small advantage to try Afghan cuisine. The resturant is next to Rasputin on Broadway and Cambine. I have passed by this resturant many times and wonder what’s inside. Looking into the door, it looks pretty normal, just like any other small family resturant. When we arrived, the place is quite empty, but we were told almost all table are reserved. We couldn’t sit inside the Afghan style room with low-raise table and cushions. The menu is in English, so at least I know what I am ordering. The food is very similiar to Greek food, with lots of lambs. Since Afghan is a Muslim country, no pork is served. I have ordered a platter to share with Pat, it has a little bit of everything. The taste is ok, but I still prefer Greek better, these two are pretty similiar anyways. The service is sub-par, the waiter at the reception looks kinda scary, and they didn’t refill water for us often enough. I am a bit disappointed they don’t have horse meat in their menu. I was told horse meat is a famous cuisine in Afghan. Maybe I will try another Afghan resturant with horse meat next time. However, I suspect that is probably the only Afghan resturant in Canada.

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  1. There are a few of Afgani restaurants here. There’s even an Ethiopian one, which I have never tried. There used to be a authentic Russian restaurant in Toronto. Looking at the newspaper clips in the restaurant washroom, it could be the only Russian restaurant in Toronto. Last time I passed by, it’s no longer there. I think the owner must have retired. I really missed it.

  2. Come to Vancouver and we can have Russian food together, and then go to sing K! You know what, I was talking to Pat that we should introduce her friends to you.

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