Station of the cross

Today is the first day of the Easter long weekend. According to the Christian tradition, Jesus suppose to be crucified on the cross today, died and took a break for three days before resuming his duty as the Messiah. As a good Catholic, I go to the church tonight with Pat to walk the station of the cross. Station of the cross is a common fixture in every Catholic church. It is a set of 14 pictures portraiting 14 scenes of the last moment of Jesus, from being judge to carrying the cross, PKed 3 times, died on the cross and buried. In some large churches, they have scultures instead of pictures for the station of the cross. I just had a vision about a high-tech version of the station of the cross. Instead of same old boring pictures, we can use hugh LCD displays playing the same scenes from Mel Gibson’s movie Passion of the Christ. I think this new station of the cross is more interesting than the most familiar one. Actually, if we can borrow 14 laptops, we can setup one in this year’s WCCCLC camp. What a gimmick!

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