Onenote is part of the Miscrsoft Office 2003 package. I havn’t use this software at all, since I don’t see any use of it. Finally, I have figure out what this program is intended for, surprisingly it’s quite good. In my philosophy class, I use Word to take lecture notes. I notice the guy sitting next to me use a different software, which is Onenote. The function of onenote is very limited, it allow user to put text blocks anywhere on a page, and draw lines on top of it. The user interface is quite simple, unlike other bloated microsoft products. Probably it is because the program is first introduced in Office 2003. In the first release, the program are some serious flaw. Users cannot change the date and time stamp of the note page. I have to download service pack 2 to get this commonly use feature. One other thing I am not very use to is you don’t have to save any file. The program automatically save the content when it exit. I always have to habit to press ctrl-s after typing a few lines. This action bring up the password protection screen which is a bit annoying. Overall, I have discover something useful. Word is a word processor, it is not design for note taking. It would be nice if there is a online version mirroring the data of this program .

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