Optimal lane

I was watching Initial D stage 4 last night. I don’t expect I will find some inspiration about lesson of life in an anime. In racing, there is always an optimal lane in the racing course which gives the shortest distance between turns, hence also gives the best time. Many drivers set their goal to follow this lane to get their fastest time. There is an ace driver in the anime who has a totally different theory. The control of tire grip and acceleration is the key to fastest lap time. The optimal lane is simpily the path gives perfect tire grip and acceleration control. The optimal lane is the end result but not something to aim for. That gets me start thinking about using driving as an analogy to life. Many people set a path of success and blindly follow it, without thinking why they have to choose such a path. I think having a successful life is merely a result of making perfect execution of many other aspects in life. Don’t run after the path, just do your best and the path will follows.

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