Tonight I have played a modified version of monploy with my friends. In this game, we use two sets of monopoly and play by the house rule. The game play is similiar to monopoly, just we had doubled the boards. We have ten players and the game is very heated, both in term of excitement and literally. Like normal monopoly, it is a game tends to drag on for too long. After playing a couple hours, we decided to merge player and the game board to speed up the game. The game stops at the first player went bankrupt. By that them it’s getting pretty late and all of us are very tried. We had lots of fun tonight. We use our creativity and proposed many variation monopoly during the game. Some suggestions sounds quite interesting. We can write our own “chance” and “community” cards, to add new elements such as gambling or dual mini-game. My favourate idea is riskopoly. Instead of move with a token, each player move with his army. When land on a place owned by someone, the user can choose to pay the rent peacefully or attack the owner. If he kill all the guards stationed on the land, he can win over the land form the owner.

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