Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin Tuna is one of most expensive dish you can find in a Japanese resturant in Vancouver. Last friday, I have dinner with friends in a classy sushi place, a dish of bluefin tuna sashimi costs $180 there. What a ridicous pirce! The waiter even dare to recommand it to my friend on the other day. Even a 50% discount would still be too expensive. Today, after picking up my mom from the airport, I went to have sushi with her in another Japanese resturant in Richmond. A dish of bluefin tuna sashimi only costs $50 there, the price is more reasonable but still too expensive. Then I see they sell bluefin tuna sushi by pieces, one for only $7. So I ordered two piece, one for myself and one for my mom to give it a try. The texture of bluefin tuna is really rich. The sushi is very smooth with fish oil locked inside the meat. It tastes even better than hamachi. I can understand now why bluefin tuna is so expensive, because it really tastes good. The supply of bluefin tuna is limited due to it is an almost extincted fish due to over fishing in the last century. Isn’t it great if scientists can find a way to mass product bluefin tuna? Bluefin tuna is now along side my line of genetic product food ideas including trees that grow chicken wings.

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