Harmless Man

There are many types of friends, for some of them, you don’t even know you can actually call them friends, but they are not merely acquaintance. I have a friend havn’t keep in touch for a few years come to Vancouver for a bussiness meeting. I guess he must be bored in a new city, he messaged me out for a dinner. I am the type of person tends to be good to friends, so I don’t see any reason not seeing him as I am not really that busy. Anyways, this guy is quite remarkable. Back in the university day, we already crowned him as the MMJ king, as he knows every girl in the school, from grad school to year 1. To my surprise, he came to Vancouver with a friend, who is a girl. They share the same hotel room and I am quite sure nothing happens. The girl just happen to be a friend of him and visiting Vancouver the same time. They just stay together to save the hotel fee. He is also sub-lenting his place to 3 girls, a real-life love hina. I can’t explain why this guy is so popular among girls. He is fat and short, always soft spoken. Ok, he looks kinda cute, in the sense of a cute little child. Maybe exactly he presented himself as such a harmless guy, girls lower their alert when hanging out with him. They know subconciously he can never be their type. However, he is not very popular among guys. Probably a) he spent too much time with girls, and b) he is very reluctant introducing his girls to us.

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