Audio book

I borrowed a set of audio book CD from the company library and start listening when I am driving home. In the morning when I go to work, I can listen to news and HK commentary. However, since I go home kinda late, there is nothing interesting on the radio. The Cantonese program is finished, one station plays Mandarin music program, which is ok. The other station plays Christian programs, which makes me want to puke if I have to listen for more than half a minute. I am kinda lazy in downloading songs to my iPod and it seems I had lost interest keeping up with the newsest songs. Listening to audio book is the best use of the 20 minutes travel time from work to home. It will take me about a month to finish all 6 CDs of the audio book I borrowed. Unlike reading books, where I proceed with the highest speed I can absorb the material, listening to audio book is well paced. This give some free brian cycle to process the material rather than just absorbing it. Different experience, but I still prefer reading than listening.