England vs Swedan

Today, finally I see the first goal of the Worldcup live. I have been watching the games at work on and off during the lunch hour. Somehow I managed to missed all the goals. I saw two goals in today’s game, first one by England and the second one by Sweden. In my company, many people has ancestors come from England, so there are many England fans. When England score and had a 2:1 lead, the whole cafeteria was full of cheers. There are a few odd people support the Swedish, mainly because they had put a bet on it. The crowd was quiet and full of disappointment when the Swedish catch up at the 90 minutes mark. My only response for both goals is to laugh, since I don’t favour any particular team. I want the Sweden to win for this game though, since it is is no fun supporting the stronger side, especially Sweden are not weak at all in reality. The elimination will start soon. I predict the crowd sitting in front of the TV in lunch hour will only get bigger and bigger. Am I lucky that my job allow us to watch world cup at work?