New linux server

I just picked up my new linux server today. To be exact, I had only picked up a new computer with no software installed. I still have to install Linux myself. My new server has a AMD64 3500+ CPU, 1GB or RAM, 250GB harddisk and a Nvidia 7300GT graphics card. I had waited for a couple of months for the price of 939 socket system to drop due to the newly released am2 chipset. I don’t need a topnotch machine, a med-range budget system well suits my purpose. I will keep my old server up and running until I finished settng my new server. Here is my to-do list for the new server.

1. Install Fedora Core 5, boot up the machine
2. Setup KDE desktop, synergy server to share mouse/keyboard between PC and Linux
3. Setup Samba for file sharing between PC and Linux
4. Setup Apache, mySQL and PHP
5. Setup FTP server, Web admin interface
6. Port phpbb (forum), coppermine gallery (album), wordpress (blog), mediawiki (wiki) to the new server
7. Install and learn Rudy and Ruby on the Rail
8. Give my website a major face lift!

This will probably keep me busy between work and study for a few months.