Fedora Nvidia driver

The Nvidia driver comes with Fedora core 5 doesn’t support widescreen 1680×1050 resolution. Althought the display setup recongize my Dell 20″ wides screen monitor, only 1280×1024 resolution shows up in KDE. I was searching for solution on the web. No answer exactly match my question. Putting all the bit and pieces together, here is the steps I took to fix the resolution.

1. Update the /etc/X11/xorg.conf, add a modeline configuration
2. Upgrade the Linux kernel to latest release
3. Install the official Nvidia driver and follow the HOW-TO in Nvidia’s linux forum
3a. Download the kernel source from yum
3b. Temporary change /etc/inittab to boot without X
3c. Run the installation script, set the SELinux setting for the new compiled Nvidia driver.

Viola! my KDE is finally displaying in full resolution.

I have also installed synergy share the keyboard and mouse between my PC and Linux box. This is probably the most useful utility for multiple computer, multiple monitor setup.

The next task is setup Samba, FTP server, subversion and automated backup from my PC.