Baby Summer

Today me and Pat visited Alison and her new born baby, Summer Elizabeth Uy. I was joking to Jason if the baby is born in Decemeber instead of May, she would be called Winter. Summer is an interesting name, I havn’t seen anyone with name of seasons yet. But according to Jason, there are quite a few Summers. The baby is very cute, the skin feels like Tofu. She is only 5 weeks old. I didn’t hold her, afraid that I will drop her by accident. I didn’t get the chance to hear her cry, the baby is very quiet when I was there. Jason shaved off the hairs of the Baby, to make her grow more hair. I have heard this traditional wisdom many times, I susepct I got shaved when I was a baby. But I wonder where is the scientific proof of this hair growing method. The baby has no hair, so the veins are clearly seen on the skull under the skin. Together with the out of portion big head, she really looks like an alien. Too bad that babies don’t have warrenty, they are deliveried as-is basises. Isn’t it nice if we could refund and exchange for a better looking baby from God?