Muslim chinese resturant

In Vancouver, there is a chinse resturant opened by Muslim. It used to located at Main St. Recently it moved to Victoira St. and 41 Ave and changed its name to Ma’s resturant. The dishes in this resturant is very similiar to normal chinese resturants, except they don’t use pork in the ingredients. There are a few famous dishes Xinjiang style dishes in the menu, such as beef cake and some lamb dishes. The food there is as tasty as before they move. The new location is better decorated, the seats are more comfortable, and even installed a TV. There is no trace of Muslim background in the new resturant other than the sign outside saying it was the Muslim Beef House. In the old place, there was muslim scriptures and photos of Mecca haning on the wall. Not a very pleasant eating experience when the Western society openly dispite average Middle-East Muslim as barbarians. I think the Muslim-background in the old place leads to customer loss after the terrorist attacks, so they have to reopen the resturant in a new place without burdens from the Muslim background. I like eating at the Muslim chinese resturant. Peronally, I don’t mind Chinese Muslim provided that they are first a Chinese then a Muslim. It is terrible that some Muslim fundamentalist think religion should have higher priority over nation. For Chinese Muslims, Chinese culture should form their core value system. Beliving Muslim should be merely a personal perference based on Chinese culture.