I went to swimming tonight after work. I havn’t done any exercise for almost 3 months, not since the ski season ended. I am not very fit, neither does my swimming pant. I found it a bit tight, probably because my bottom has gained some weight. The swimming pool is very close to where I live, only 5 minutes driving. It is brand new, only opened for a few months. One thing that I found interesting is there is a large universal changing area on top of the usual male and female changing room. I guess that area is designed for families. The universal changing area has lockers in the middle of the room and many stalls with shower facilities on two side. This is really a brillant idea, families with kids don’t care that much about privacy, there is nothing worth to see anyways. Nowadays, the little boys won’t have the trauma of going to swimming with mother and forced to get change in the female changing room. I didn’t swim much today, got tried just after 45 minutes. I need to pratice more often. I plan to swim at least once, prefer twice, a week.