P.Eng seminer

Today is the first day of the P.Eng seminer. This seminer is really expensive, costed me several hundred dollars. I guess no one will take it if it is not compulsory for the P.Eng exam. At least the seminer is hosted by Hyatt, with pretty good breakfast and lunch. Today’s section talks about laws. First start with intellectual properties, then work safty laws and employment laws. In the afternoon, they talk about contract laws, tort laws and tender laws. I have learnt contract laws and tort laws in university, but tender law is quite new to me. I found the session not as useless as I originally thought. Having the chance to ask weird questions to the lawyer giving presentation helps to clarity some of the ideas. Although this is probably satisfy personaly curosity than prepare for the exam. I met a ex-colleague from PMC in the seminer. He is now a professor at UBC. I wonder why he comes, it turn out that the UBC engineering faculty forces all the professors get the P.Eng title. It is a requirment for the faculty to get accredit by the engineering society.