Unreality of time

I just finished my second essay for my metaphysics class. It is about the unreality of time. I criticize an article from a famous philosopher who tried to convince people time is unreal. The first response of most people, including myself, is to ask what the heck, isn’t it obvious that time is real? I am surprised that since his paper is published, he is able to convince a lot of fellow philosophers. The unreality of time has even became a trend in metaphsyics for a while in the last century. His argument is not very hard to follow and seems to make much sense on the first glaze. No wonder many people falls into his trap of thoughts. My weapon to reject his claim is modern science. I use counter examples from relativity theory and quantum physics to nullify his arguments. We’ll see how well my anit-thesis do when my professor marked my paper. Maybe I am just too naive and hopeless misinterpreted problem. With some solid reasoning, even a nonsense claim like time is unreal can attract many fellowers. Just think about applying philosophy to politics, couldn’t that be the a super vote magic?