Return the essay for exam

Today is the last day of the metaphysics class before exam. The professor havn’t finish making all the essays, but he decided to give us back the ones he had marked. He had only marked all paper in the more popular essay topics regardless when the paper is handed in. One student, a fat lady who choose an odd topic, protest for not receiving her essay back in order to prepare for the exam. She said that those students who get their essay back would have an advantage and it is unfair to her because she handed in the essay on time. She is the only one making a big fuss of it. Other disadvantaged students do not seem to care. Technically speaking there is disadvantage having the paper back for the exam, but I doubt how much advantage will it be. The requirement for an essay is totally different from the exam. It is a mistake trying to answer the exam like writing an essay. No wonder she cares so much about marks, she doesn’t even know proper exam technics. Then I challenge her on the fairness. She could have chosen the more popular topic, then she would have the paper back. Everyone student has a fair chance getting the paper back before exam. The professor does not discriminate against her personal nor promise hand back all the papers at the same time. There maybe a slight disadvantage, but it is definitely not unfair. Therefore I dismiss the fat lady’s claim and I think she is just trouble maker in the class.