Cheap flight

I finally found a good deal on the air ticket to Haiwaii. I am going to Honolulu at the end of September fore merely 3 days to attend my lasalle buddy’s wedding. I have been hesitated to spend over $1000 on airfare for just a few days in Haiwaii. I was reading newspaper the other day while I was having dinner, I saw an advertisement from travelcuts. The deal is pretty good, return ticket from Vancouver to Haiwaii only $550. The only catch is that it is not direct flight. I have to transfer at Seattle on the way out and Porland on the way back. It is kinda stupid flying to Seattle, as it would be faster drive here. It is interested that my friend has a hindsight that I will come to his wedding. He bought one extra stamps with extact postage to Canada, seems like he is expecting me to come. It is always fun to hang out with my lasalle friends. We have known each other over 15 years, we are just so used the group. I guess I have no other group of friend can match my friendship with them.