I have used my old first generation Microsoft natural keyboard for almost 10 years. I bought that keyboard when I first entered university. It has survived 4 computer upgrades and still accompany me. That keyboard is still very solid, except a key fell off from the time I dropped the keyboard, so I have to glue the key back using blue-tac. Today my cousin who worked in Microsoft bought me the 4th generation natural keyboard. I asked her to order one for me using employee price, which only costs only 30% compare to Future Shop. She found out it is my birthday and gave it to me as my birthday present. Thankyou Yan Yan! The new natural keyboard is as good as my old one. The keys on the left hand side is slight narrower, so it will take me a while to accustom to it. The keyboard has many extra functional keys. I thought all the keys are programmable, but I am wrong. Some keys has fixed feature, such as pressing the “My Favorites” key will only pop up an useless menu. Overall, other than those minor problems, the natural keyboard is one of the best and most comfortable keyboard on the market.