GSD Fed vs Zaft II

Today I went to Metrotown to kill the half hour between I finished study and go to pick up Pat for dinner. To my surprise, I found the arcade in Metrotown has some latest games, including Time Crisis 4, Gundam Fed vs Zaft II. Both games cost $2, quite expensive, but save me the trouble and gas of driving all the way to Richmond. I used to be very good at TC3. I guess I am lack of pratice, I got KO in the first stage. There are quite a few people lining up, so I only get to play once. Then I tried the Gundam game. It support 2 links, so I won’t be forced to play vs mode like in the Richmond acrade. I can take my time to practice when playing against the CPU. The Gundam series is one of my most favourate arcade game. I have been playing since the first generation. There are some new mecha in the new game, but the general principle is still the same. I am not used to the high speed and the way of fighting in the air, as a result I couldn’t get pass stage 4. I had just discovered a good place to have fun, plus it is very close to home.