The principal of Lasalle College, Brother Thomas come to Vancouver these few days. The Vancouver chapter of the OBA host a dinner to welcome him. He went to Edmonton attending the North America OBA conference and football tournament, stop by Vancouver on his way back to HK. He retired from LSC two years ago, then he taught in the only christian university in the West Bank, Palestine. The current principal of LSC resigned a few months ago, Bro. Thomas was brought back from retirement. I don’t come out to the OBA functions very often. Bro. Thomas’s visit draws out not only me but also many other old boys. The speech given by Bro. Thomas left me some thoughts. He talked about the Lasalle spirit and the tradition. It reminds me that LSC is ran by the Lasalle Brothers, whose goal is to educate the poor and the rich, the smart and the dumb. That’s one of the main reason LSC refuse change into a private school despite forced to accept lower quality students by the government. When I think about LSC, I always think it is just a school, often forget it also a Catholic school. The visit of Bro. Thomas is one of the few occassions reminds me the Catholic background of LSC.