Small sickness is good fortune

There is an old chinese proverb that “Small sickness is good fortune”. When I am forced to relax at home the past few days, I can fully appreciate the wisdom of these words. I heard many scary stories about removing wisdom teeth from my friends. When it is my turn, I found that other than not able to eat solid food is a bit inconvenient, there is not much suffering. The only trouble is that I have to drink soup many times a day to stop me getting hungry. My mouth is not painful, swelling nor uncomfortable, only a bit sour. I can even talk or sing karaoke like normal. I don’t have the pressure of exam or assignment this week. The two sick days I got away from work for free let me sort out my mind. I thought a lot about the future when I was just sitting at home doing nothing. I can even put aside the bad news that the company is going to shut down for a week at the end of this month to cut cost. A week of unexpected vacation may not always be welcome. I think I could use this time sort out the remaining piece of the puzzle in my mind.