Internet book club

I recently joined an internet book club. In the book club, there is a support group to help you read a book. We synchronize our reading progress and have interesting discussion on the ideas of the book. The book I am reading is the main reason I am attracted to this book club. It is a book about the moral and social issues on homosexual, with fairly balance arguments on both side of the issue. My book just arrived last firday, so I spent a few hours today catch up the first two chapters and I can join the discussion. I used to read by myself, this is the firs time I am reading with a group of people. I am sure I will learn a lot more from this experience than finish the book in turbo mode by myself. One of the setting up a book club is to find a book you are other people want to work at the same time. The book club I join focus in philosophy and theology books, on topics that I am interested in generally. I hope I can keep up with other members in the book club by reading a serious book every 3-4 months. You can learn more about the book club by following this link