Another blow to the morale

Our company has bad news after bad news. The morale of the workers just have one blow after another. Last week, we announced a forced vacation at the end of August with only 2 weeks of notice. Today we are informed our stock purchase plan is suspended due to SEC investigation on previous option grands. The company is witholding 10% of my salary in the past 6 months and not paying any interest! We suppose to make at least a 15% gain on the stock purchase plan. We wonder why don’t the managment delivery all the bad news in one shot. Getting all the bad news on one day is better than receiving bad news here and there. We are already speculating when and what will be the next bad news. Another round of layoff and shutting down remote sites are top on the list. I don’t expect anyone, including myself, will be safe if the situation go worse. Sooner or later the axe will hit the headquarter. The only thing I worry about is whether P.Eng application will be done by then.