First day after shut down

The company shut down for a week to cut cost but it lost more than 1 week of productivity.? Today is the first day back to work after the shut down.? I end up spending the whole morning chatting with colleagues about? their vacations.?? All of us are still in the holiday mood, especially when we only have two more days before another weekend and half of the people are still on vacation.? Not only we talked what we had done in the past week, we also spent equal amount of time critizing the management.? Last year the CEO gave each employee a copy of Jack Welch’s Winning trying to get the message of change across the company.? The only message we get is the management is violating every single practice in the book.? The most fundamental partice is being candor,? the shut down week and recently layoff? shows the management violated the trust of employees.? I am not the only one have the feeling the company only retend the employees with golden handcuff.? It is wildly preceived by almost everyone I talked to working here.?? If Vancouver has as many high tech company as the silicoin valley, PMC will have a mass exodus in no time.? Tonight I have my first class in political philosophy.?? I found learning what is justice is much more interesting than trying to working some boring old product no one really cares about.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a silent reader (not anymore) of your blog. I found that you are very active in bloging. I first knew you by seeing your entry about ns2 and eurane. I also have the same research background during my graduate studies (MS).

    Let me introduce myself first. My name is Clay Chang. I earned my master degree of computer science in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, which is located in Taipei, Taiwan. I am currently serving as a research scientist in Telcordia Applied Research Center Taiwan.

    Just wondering that which company do you work for? Is it wireless network related?


  2. Hi Clay,

    Thankyou for reading my blog. I work for PMC Sierra in Canada. My company is struggling to get into the wireless businness. However I am working on wire line products.

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