Decomissioning the old server

Finally I have finish migrating all the softare in my old web server to the new linux box and upgraded to the latest release. I have installed phpbb to keep track of my articles, coppermine to organize my photos, wordpress to blog and mediawiki to catalog my things. It took me almost week to setup my webserver. The only thing left to do to install a small hit counter. It is much faster now, especially when I am uploading photos. It doesn’t have any fancy feature, only the out of box opensource programs with a few useful plugins. I think I will keep those software as it is for the timing being. I always want all programs in my webserver share a unified look and feel. It would me quite some amount of work to craft the skins of each of the program. I would probably settle with a nice looking front page that can pull and merge data from all programs using some cool AJAX interface. I still want to write a quote database myself as an learning excerise fo ruby on the rails and MySQL. That would be my side project after my project at work is finished, so that I have some more free time.

P.S. I installed the xanga plug-in for wordpress. In the future, my blog will be cross posted to xanaga if it works as advertised.

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