WYD reunion

Last year I went to the World Youth Day in Germany with a group of 12 people from St. Paul.? Since we came back to Vancouver, we havn’t had a gathering with all 12 people.? There is always one or two people are missing.? Tonight it is very special, we have all 12 people came together again.? We went to mass, then dinner and watch the DVD of our trip prepared by one of the member.? It brings back so many good memories.? One team leader also handed each of us back an envelope, in which we wrote down what we expect to get from WYD before we go.? I totally forgot what I wrote, and it turn out I didn’t really want anything.? I just want to have a good time, come back and show off my trip.? I think I had accompished it.? Although we had spent two weeks together during WYD and more time before the trip on preparation.? I didn’t develope a very close feeling towards this group.? I feel I am part of the group and I like to come out to see them once a while.? I don’t think I make any really good friends personally in the group.? I don’t contact any of them other than the reunion.? Even if there is no reunion, I probably won’t miss them too much.? I think part of the reason is this group are mostly girls.? Naturally I don’t get along very well with girls.? The remaining few guys are much younger than me and we don’t share any common interest, so I don’t have any incentive to hang out with them.? The nature of the WYD group is just like reunion of old classmates.? You know them quite well, modesty care about them and you belongs to the group.? Somehow you feel both close and distant to them at the same time.? You know they are close to you, but you just can’t feel it that way.

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