Farewell to Fr. Guy

Fr. Guy, pronounce as gey, of St. Mary is going to preach in Taiwan for good.? Tonight the church organized a farewell party for him.? I usually sleep through his Homily, so I can’t really remember any of his sermon.? Howevere, Fr. Guy always very supportive to the Chinese community.? I met him outside of St. Mary a few times in different fund raising event of other Chinese churches.? It is his dream to go to spread the gospel in China.? The farewell party is full of blessing.? We had potluck dinner in the church basement and then followed by a small but touching show put together by the parishers in the church.? The church office gave Fr. Guy three farewell gifts to bring to China following the 3 things Jesus tell his disciples to bring when he sent them away.? It is a staff, a pair of sandles and two T-shirts.? Especially, the staff is very meaning and makes Fr. Guy cry in front of the crowd.? The staff can be disassemble into three sections.? The wood of section is collect from an important place related to Fr. Guy, his family farm, courtyard of St. Mary and New Westminster Abbey.? Each section symbolize a blessing from people in each stage of his life.? I think this is the art of gift giving.? You have to give meaning to the gift and make the reciever not just remember the fact who give him the gift, but also the message embedded in the gift.? When giving a gift to someone, you are not only giving him a tangible thing that he could use, it is also a way of non-verbal communication.? You want a message attach to the gift so that the reciever will remember your words everything he sees the gift.

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