Bitchar-G 57MHz

I have been looking for a Bitchar-G remote control car running at 57MHz for quite sometime.? To be exact, I am loooking for a discount deal.? I saw places I could get it for marked up price, but already own 3 Bitchar-G, I don’t have the incentive to get the last one.? Especially I got two of them in a really good deal.? Then I found out a colleague has a 57MHz Bitchar-G for a couple of years.? That is the only Bitchar he has, so he rarely play it because no one race him.? He heard about my racing trace in the cubicle next to my, so he come over and ask for a race.? We had some good time and two more colleagues join the race.? I never expect all four different frequence Bitchar G can race together.? His car only has the stock 10k rpm motor, can’t compete with upgraded cars with 16k rpm motors.? When I ordered my 1.6 motors, I ordered four of them, expecting I will get a cheap 57MHz eventually.? I am happy to sell the extra motor to him since I am no longer looking to get the 57MHz car.? It is nice to cash out the spare part, althought I am actually take a small lose to get rid of it.? I havn’t played the race track for a while already.? We all know the company sucks, but at least we can make the office more fun.

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