I was talking to an engineer friend today at lunch.? I discover I have a passion for automation, I just hate manual labour with a heart.? Last friday, I have to check 200 or so simulation results at work.? The reporting tool is not smart enough to take care of simulation failed on the first run but passed on the later runs.? I estimate it will take about at most half an hour to go through the simulation log files and identify the false negative results.? Since I hate brainless manual work so much, I end up spending a day writing a program to prase the log files and fix the simulation results.? The program is very elegant and compact.? I spent most of the time reverse engineer the internal data structure of the reporting tool so I can manipulate the result.? My boss also have to go through this painful and boring process fixing the report file.? He loves my small program.? Strictly speaking, it doesn’t make sense in term of time management.? Even both of us have to check the result every week, the time spent combined would still cost less time the time I spent in writing the program.? However, I find it more fun write a program to get the work done than work on it myself.

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