Building a cabinet

Pat bough a file cabinet from Staples and naturally I am the one put it together.? On the box of the cabinet is advertised that it can be built in 12 easy steps.? It took me the whole afternoon to assemble it.? The instruction is acceptable, but not as clear as the one from Ikea.? Luckily I have experience assembling cabinet, just following the step is time consuming.? The last step to finish the cabinet is to put in the drawers.? This made in China cabinet must have some quality control problem, one of the rail is stucked.? It took me lots of effort to disassemble the drawer, take apart the rail and fix it with WD40.? It have still have some squeaky sound but at least it can open fully.? Actually the cabinet is not much cheaper compare to the one I got form Ikea.? The moral of this story is what you pay is what you get.? There is always a risk involve in buyding made in China products.

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