Foosball tournament

It is time for the 2nd annual foosball tournament at work.? Last year, I did quite bad in the foosball tournament.? I was neww to foosball.? After 1 year of practice, I think I can do much better this time.? Moreover, this year I am teaming up with Mike King, a very strong player.? Since Mike is better playing offense, so I will take care of the defense.? I can save most goals except garbage goals or shots by John Sy.? My long range attack from the back is quite effective, with some good chance turning into a garbage goal.? The combination of me and Mike had won almost every other combinations at the foosball table at least once, so we have a chance.? Somehow the foosball tournament didn’t generate as much attention as last year.? Probably those of us hang out at the foosball table knows the stregth of each other.? We can predict who has a highest chance.? Adrian, last year’s campanion, is definitely up to something.? Gota watch out for Danial and Danny as well, but at least I can block half of their shots.? The most scary shots are from John Sy and Lesile.? I can only block 25% of Lesile’s shots and almost no change against John.? If I want to win in the tournament, I gota train my blocking skills.? I wonder is my reflex too slow or I over-react.? There must be some hint before Lesile or John shots.? I have to observe carefully their hand movements to find out where they are going to shot.

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