Deep conversation

My friend in his blog wrote he treasure friends that can have deep conversation with. I totally agree with him whole heart. I don’t have many friends I can talk to with out any worries. Other than my LSC buddies, a couple of friends from primary schools and universities, I usually have some reserve about what I talk to other people. I can tell people about my opinions on various issues, but normally I won’t expose myself too much. There is a line inside my mind that I only allow the few trusted one cross over. I have made another comment about deep conversation and BS is only seperated by a thin line. I would like to clarify this statement. Deep or shallow conversation, brainful or brainless, meaningful or not are three independent variables. They are co-related in some way. BS by definition is meaningless coversation, which is difference from brainless. Usually brianless implies meaningless, but brainful doesn’t always imply meaningful. Deep conversation some times touch on topics like purpose of life, career goal, childhood dream, or even philosophical values. Those conversation defintely require lots of brain juice, but at the end it is often conclusionless and meaningless. It kinda like the analog that a undergrad knows nothing about everything and a Ph.D knows everything about nothing. In conclusion, a true friend is someone I can talk freely with, regardless whether the conversation is deep or shallow, BS or meaningful, brainful or brainless.

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  1. I think a brainful conversation can be bs as well. The example I gave in my blog is that I may tell you in a serious tone that I am depressed despite I’ve got a car and a dog and 5 wives and 3 houses and millions of money and good body and good health. Even though I may be depressed, and even though the conversation is serious, I don’t deserve any sympathy as the conversation is no more than some BS.
    Just like what Geroge W Bush said most of the time. I am sure the speech he gave are usually well thought and planned; unfortunately they are all BS. They are pretty meaningless.

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