First ski of the season

Today I went to Whistler first time for the season.? We have early snow this year in Vancouver, Whistler has some good powder runs.? I figured that leaving 1 hour early and come back 1 hour early actually give us an extra hour of skiing time.? We left around 6:30a.m., by 9a.m. we are already having our first run.? 1 hour earlier make a big difference.? There is no line up at the gondola, which save us at 30-45 minutes.? We are having a early lunch around 11p.m., again there was no line up in the cafeteria.? We didn’t try to sqeeuze in the lift for the last run, we just took it easy and ski down at 3p.m.? Leaving Whistler around 4p.m., when there still some sun light.? The traffic is not very bad, we arrived home around 6:15p.m.? What a perfect day!? I gave some ski lesson to one of my friends.? I only gave him 1 excerise to work on, compare to 2-3 excerise in a normal 2 hour lesson.? I can see him improved quite a bit in just one day.? He never learnt how to ski properly, so he built up quite a few bad habits.? Now he likes skiing so much that he decided to convert from snowboard to ski.? I just did a good thing by saving a poor soul from the dark side.

2 thoughts on “First ski of the season”

  1. I went up to Whistler twice last year and find the whole rigamarole very tedious. It was a fabulous idea for you guys to go early and to be rewarded with a great skiing day! =)

    And you really can pat yourself on the back for luring someone back to skiing – good job! =)

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