3rd day in Bangalore

Looks like I am adapting to the life of India sooner than I expected.  First, the tourist feel is vanishing, the prove is that I took much less photo today.  The route between office and guest house is the same, so I have seen the view on the way.  I am no longer excited seeing cows on the road.  It is so common here that there is nothing to excite about.

Second, I am working like an Indian, which means work 12 hours a day.  Question and problems are piling up, I don’t enjoy any slacking time.  I went to the office in eight thirty in the morning and leave at seven thirty.  Add the time I spent on answering email back in the guest house, I am effectively working 12 hours a day.  I talked to the other guy who had spent already a month here, he is working 12 hours a day every day too.  The Indian guys needs lots of baby sitting, you can’t just leave them alone or they will definitely screw things up.

Third, I am used to Indian food.  I have no choice but eat Indian food for lunch.  I am no idea what I am eating,  some mysterious yellow and orange sauce.  I asked what it is, my Indian colleagues try their best explaining to me, but the information is hopelessly lost in translation.  At the end, I only know the dry sauce is called curry, the watery sauce is called something else start with letter d.

My life will soon to degrade to work, sleep, work, sleep.  I asked the secretary in the office to arrange some short trip for me in the weekend.  Hope the weekend will be more fun that the work day.

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