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3rd day in Bangalore

Looks like I am adapting to the life of India sooner than I expected.  First, the tourist feel is vanishing, the prove is that I took much less photo today.  The route between office and guest house is the same, so I have seen the view on the way.  I am no longer excited seeing cows on the road.  It is so common here that there is nothing to excite about.

Second, I am working like an Indian, which means work 12 hours a day.  Question and problems are piling up, I don’t enjoy any slacking time.  I went to the office in eight thirty in the morning and leave at seven thirty.  Add the time I spent on answering email back in the guest house, I am effectively working 12 hours a day.  I talked to the other guy who had spent already a month here, he is working 12 hours a day every day too.  The Indian guys needs lots of baby sitting, you can’t just leave them alone or they will definitely screw things up.

Third, I am used to Indian food.  I have no choice but eat Indian food for lunch.  I am no idea what I am eating,  some mysterious yellow and orange sauce.  I asked what it is, my Indian colleagues try their best explaining to me, but the information is hopelessly lost in translation.  At the end, I only know the dry sauce is called curry, the watery sauce is called something else start with letter d.

My life will soon to degrade to work, sleep, work, sleep.  I asked the secretary in the office to arrange some short trip for me in the weekend.  Hope the weekend will be more fun that the work day.

2nd day in Bangalore

Yes, I am counting my days of stay.  I already have home sick and miss the comfortable life in Vancouver.  Anyway, my second day is also full of adventure.  The driver came and picked me up in the morning and drove me to work.  The distance from the guest house to the office is 12km, the ride took me 45 minutes.  The rush hour traffic is very chaotic, buss, people, motorcycle, auto-rig saw, cars are fighting to get the limited road space.  To make it worse, they are building a highway on the road I am traffic.  Roads got dig up everywhere and everywhere is dusty.  And yes, there are cows on the road.  The famous holy cow!

Finally, I arrived at the office, which is located in the outskirt of the city.  It is inside the hi-tech business park.  The office building looks pretty decent, comparable to western standard, but the roads going to the building is just shabby as normal Indian road.  There is nothing around the office, so I can only have lunch in the cafeteria.  The cafe only serves India food.  It is some kind of vegetarian curry.  I heard it is similar stuff everyday, except a slight different favor in the curry.  My work day is not very productive, jut met my Indian team and have a brief introduction.  I can’t remember most of their names, but I am sure I will know they well in a few days.

I took off early and get some rest in the guest house.  The internet is finally working, so I can upload my photo to facebook.  There is a big shopping mall next to the guest house.  It is quite normal, with shops and familiar restaurants like Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s.The McDonald’s in India is quite from a normal McDonalid’s.  They don’t serve hamburger, they only have McChicken and McVeggie.    I am not ready to try Indian food, so I had KFC for dinner.  I was pretty tried and I have to get up at 6a.m. next morning to beat the traffic, so I call it a day and go to bed early.

I guess my adventure will go on for a while.  However, I am forseeing my life will be straightly guest house to work and back to the guest house very soon.  There is nothing else to do in Bangalore and the office is probably the nicely place in the whole city.