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I am the unofficial Bangalore food guide.  Whenever I am in town, I will take care of dinner arrangement for everyone staying in the guest house.  It does not take much time, but the return is great.  I only have to spent 5 minutes every day to pick the restaurant, make the reservation, print direction and sent out an email invite people to join me for dinner.  People are glad that some one is take care of the dinner arrangement, they can hop into the car and guarantee a nice meal.  I always pick the expensive restaurants, so that it can never go wrong.  It’s a fun to have some colleagues to chat and chill out with a few drinks.  It is far better than the alternative.  If no one organize dinner, we may end up eating at Indian restaurants around the guest house every night.

Somehow, some colleagues choose to cook for themselves in the guest house instead of joining us.  I don’t quite understand why don’t they come with us.  Granted, the restaurants are far away, it takes time to stuck in traffic.  However, buying glocery, washing and cooking also takes time.  Having a nice dinner doesn’t take much time than cooking.  Money is not a concern, the food bill is paid by the companies anyways.  There is no reason to go cheap on food by making your own dinner.  I just can’t imagine someone can have sausage and egg every day instead of fine dinner.  One theory why they stay home for dinner is they feel guilt spending company’s money.  I tried to enlighten them with the correct value of money.  The company outsource to India to cut cost, so we are just helping the company utilize some of saving by having nice dinner in India.

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  1. feeling guilty about spending company’s money??? seriously, these guys need to get a new attitude……unless u r self employed, there’s absolutely no reason to feel guilty abt spending company’s money.

    i reckon that if u plan the itinerary well, traveling for work can be like a short break paid for by the company 🙂

  2. Last time I came to India, my dinner bill was CD$5000 for two months. The manager don’t really care. My expensive is nothing compare to the marketing guys.

  3. I think that you have a point here!

    Since people aren’t very intrinsically motivated to work during the day, it might not be a bad idea to get them happy during the day by thinking what’s something good and new for dinner tonight!

    Good job exploring the cuisines =)
    Please bring me Indian mango dessert of some sort…
    I love sweets!!!

  4. hahaa uncleray let’s just say that most ppl i know r worse than me, and i am, afterall, a marketing guy 🙂

    CD5000 for 2 months, that’s like CD85 a day. i have no doubt that u can easily spend less, but for 2 months away from home that’s really quite reasonable. and if u r doing client work, u know that at the end of the day it will be billed back to your client, just like your long haul business class airfare and 5/6 star accomodation……

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