Driver’s job

A driver’s job is taking you to your destination and back.  I am surprise some of my colleagues feel sorry for the driver doing their job.  The traffic is insane in Bangalore, so we have drivers to drive us around the town.  The driver will come to pick us up in the morning, take us to the office.  After work, the driver will take us to the restaurant, then take us back to the guest house after dinner.  When we finish our meal, we will call the driver’s cell phone and get him ready to pick us up.  Some of my colleagues feel sorry for the drivers that they have to wait outside with the car while we eat.  I really don’t understand why they feel sorry for the drivers.  How tough can it be waiting relaxingly in the parking lot.   While they are waiting, they can take a nap, read newspaper or chat with other waiting drivers.  Sometimes they even get free meal from restaurant.  Why would you will feel sorry for the driver for simply doing his job?  Being a driver is not a bad job in Indian after all.  I rather feel sorry for those of us who got sent over here to suffer.

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