It was Jason’s birthday today, we go to have dinner in Richmond to celebrate his big day, then head to Jason’s place to continue the party. The night was fun, we had karaoke, mahjong, poker and lots of beer. Out of co-incident, it is Steven’s girlfriend’s birthday too. Steven made several cheese cake to share with everyone. I had a good time until the moment I go home and open the door. I found out Charlie had shited in the living room. The ground zero is stink like hell. I instantly waked up from my half drunk state. I called Pat for help at once. She instructed me how to clean up the most disgusting I had ever clean up. After almost 20 minutes of hard work, the stains almost go away. I have to clean it one more time after the carpet is dry off tomorrow. To punish the bad behavior of Charlie, I’m going to lock him outside tonight. The moral of this story is never leave the dog unattended inside the house. Should not have any mercy of locking it outside and let it shive in cold when you are away.

Secret course

One of my colleague is taking a very interesting course lately, she keep it such a secret that raised my curiosity. It took me quite a while to guess the correct answer. My first guess is language and second guess is singing, both are not right. She gave me some hints but they are quite ambiguous. It is related to music, need to use the mouth, does require any body movement, and it is not a musical instrument. It turn out she is taking the DJ training course offered by the local Chinese radio station. We all question her is that a bit too old to be a DJ, but she said someone is older than her in the class. If she pass the final exam, she will assign a time slot in twilight to start with. I think it would be fun to express yourself through the airwaves, even though there ain’t many audiences. At one point back then, since I like talking so much, I thought of applying for DJ as well. I did joined the Chinese radio station in Waterloo for a term. The radio only broadcast 2 hours a week in Sunday afternoon. Since the time is so inconvenient, and lack of audience, I didn’t last long enough to get my own time slot. I think my voice sounds quite good over the radio, kinda like the voice of the famous DJ Ngan Lun Mo in HK.


After meeting up with my profession in the evening, I decided to have dinner in the downtown area before heading home. I was talking to Pat while I was search for a good place to eat. She recommended the Ramen place next to the central library. On my way there, I checked out the central library, since I can’t resist the temptation of books. It is the first time go there. The library is much larger than I expected. It also have lots of table used for study, the one next to windows has really good view. The library has newspaper from all over the world, and I took a look at a German newspaper. I think I can guess the meaning of some of the headlines. On my way out, I applied for a library card in case I need to borrow books from there in the future. The only complain is that the location of the library is quite inconvenient. It’s a long walk to the sky train station after having my curry Ramen as dinner.


The toastmaster magazine of month has some good articles on how to be humorous in the speech. Use jokes effectively in the speech to further delivery your message is the hardest thing to master. The article give some very good pointers on how to delivery the laughs, contingency plan when the audience don’t laugh and simple elements of humor. All humor are rooted from the element of surprise. A joke is funny because it breaks the normal train of thoughts of your audience. Rule of three and pinch line is the most comment technique. If you had just told a joke and no one laughs, the best way to deal with this situation is pretend you were serious. You’ll look like an idiot if you try to explain the joke or force a few laughs from yourself. Most people will long forget the content of the speech, but still remember the joke used in the speech. Here is my to first try to write my own joke.

How can a romantic movie make the audience cry?
1. One or both of the main characters has to leave town
2. One or both of the main characters is about to die
2. One or both of the main characters has really bad acting

Wedding planning

No, the title is not what you are thinking. I’m not planning my own wedding yet. Tonight I went to a wedding planning of my friend who is going to marry in August. I will be one of the groomsmen for the couple. It is kinda interesting that I know the couple separately without knowing they are together. I found planning a wedding is quite time involving. It is more than merely a banquet or a ceremony, rather it like a show where the bride and the groom are the leading actors. The planning session is quite messy and the details are full of errors. How can someone plan the groom’s speech after the toast to all the tables? I seriously doubt the groom can still stand straight after forced down so much alcohol at each table, let alone he have to delivery a good and touching speech. The banquet is western style, but they couple choose not to set up a dance floor. What a waste. In my own wedding, I’ll definitely have a dance floor. I will force all my groomsmen and bridesmaids to dancing crush course before hand. I will the power to assign who is going to dance with whom among them. That would be a good opportunity to setup future couples.


Haven’t seen my aunties and cousins for quite a long time. I was always too busy to visit them. Tonight, finally I have time and bother enough to call them up for dinner. It’s surprise to me that I learn one of my cousin is getting marry next year. Actually, it’s not too surprising, she is slightly younger than me and have been going out with her boyfriend for quite some time already, it’s about time for them. That would be the first wedding among all my cousins and could be quite interesting. Somehow I always have an impression my cousins are very young, and I didn’t realize they are already 25, just a few years younger than me. Since I had mentioned about age, one of my cutest little cousin is still single. I have been thinking of introducing her to my colleagues. There are quite a few single guys in my company and I think at least two of them will make good husband, although probably not good boyfriend, because they are too boring. If we are have a BBQ event with dogs, my cousin can bring her dogs along to introduce her dog to another America Esikimo. Gota mention that my cute little cousin is going to be a dancer in the Vancouver singing contest, just this point alone should raise the interest of those guys.

Memory Lost

Tonight before Derek fly back to San Jose, he came over to have another chat. It’s always a pleasure to talk with your old friend. Every time when we see each other, the conversation will somehow lead back to the old school days. We were talking about how are our classmates doing these days and a name pop up. This name is associated with a famous incident, the well known story of someone shitting his own pants. The version Derek had remember is totally different from mine, and yet according to him, I was one of the key person in that incident. He can even recall what had I said back then. That poor guy should have listened to my words and go to toilet at once. Instead he wait until matter goes from bad to worse and get totally out of control. Since that event, he is virtually isolated by every classmate and end up leaving the school without graduated. The problem is that I really have no memory of what had happened, not even a single trace of it. Since Derek had just mention this incident to some other old friends and they validated this version, I assume it must be the truth. I found I don’t have much of my own memory in high school, most events are reconstructed from conversation with other old friends. Sometimes I wonder, if a person is depicted of his memory, how can he confirm his own continuity?


Today I bought two Canadian flags from Superstore at a discount after the Canada day. The flags are for Me and Pat to use in the World Youth Day. When groups of people from different country gather together, a way to identify yourself is by showing your nationality. I would display Canadian marks on my backpack when I try overseas. I feel proud of being a Canadian and the maple leaf flag is something I can associate with. Even though I’m Chinese and have a HK passport, I’ll feel ashamed displaying the Chinese flag. The five stars flag is one of the ugliest flag design and government behind it is even worse. If I have a choice, I would rather display the dragon flag of the Ching Dynasty. Then I tried to imagine what if I am living live in the States. Would I feel the same towards the American flag? People who associated with the US flag are usually stereotyped patriots. The word patriot has a negative meaning in my dictionary, which means people who are blindly follow the country without a critical mind. One does not have to be a patriot to love his country. Patriot is merely a label used by the authority to divided up its citizens. Every time I hear patriot in the news, either in English or in Chinese media, I feel really distaste towards those who mention this word.

Vancouver Flight Tour

My old friend Derek visit Vancouver over this long weekend. It’s the first time I meet his new born baby, Kathyn. She is really cute, the body is chubby, and the skin is like Tofu. She is indeed a perfect target for face pinching. In the afternoon, after having dim sum with Peter Choy, Derek gave me an air tour of Vancouver. We took off at the Pit Meadows airport, flew to downtown Vancouver, then turn around at Horse Shoe Bay. The tour lasted a little bit more than an hour, and it’s quite an experience for me. It’s my first time riding on a small airplane. When I first saw the plane, I was a bit disappointed. The plane is very old, it even have rusty spots on the hulk. The interior is about the same size as a mini-copper. Since Derek cannot get the Canadian temporary pilot license on time, we had a flight instructor came along, so I didn’t get my chance to steer a little bit. I was sitting at the back seat and it’s not as tight as it seems. The airplane is much nosier than I had expected. I have to wear a headset in order to talk with Derek, otherwise he has no way to hear my voice. The ride is very smooth, I didn’t experience any turbulence. The landing part is a bit scary, since Derek had to set the engine to idle. It’s uneasy for an untrained passenger when the comfort humming of the engine is suddenly lost. I took lots of picture of the scenery I saw, a total different view from what I usually see on commercial airline. Please check it out at my photo ablum.


I have a dental appointment today. After visiting the dentist, my mouth feel funny for the whole afternoon. I used to be quite positive seeing dentist, but it changes when I had my first bad teeth last year. I used to be very proud of my good tooth. Since my teeth no longer 100% organic, everything I visit the dentist, I worry when I’ll have to have another filling. In addition, because of I still haven’t take out my wisdom teeth, I also have to worry when it will come up. The cleaning of the plague is a bit painful, but I don’t really mind that. The worst part is teeth polishing, which is done by the dental technician instead of the dentist. I always suspect they are not doing a very good job. I’m still waiting for the technology advancement to the cleaning of the teeth mechanically obsolete. I can foresee in the future, laser or ultrasound will replace the metal scrapper as the dentist’s tool. The teeth will clean just like how the archaeologist clean those ancient scriptures.