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Lasalle soccer

10th Jun 2005 - 10:41pm Daily Scribble
I met several old boys in a wedding a few weeks ago thru special connection of some MCS girls. Thru the quite complex linkage, somehow me and Edwin are invited to play soccer with other old boys. Since I had started playing soccer for a few times…

first goal

2nd May 2005 - 11:48pm Daily Scribble
I had my first goal in the soccer game tonight, quite an accomplishment. However I lost 5 chances to have my 2nd goal. Too bad that it will be the last indoor game for a while. Starting from next month, we’ll try playing outdoor field which…

soccer, ryan

11th Apr 2005 - 12:39am Daily Scribble
Today I have my second soccer game, I think I had improved a bit but because of there is no substitution player, I’m very very tried. I got to try being a goalie in the second half too. The next items I’m going to get will be a pair of shorts…