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Lasalle soccer

I met several old boys in a wedding a few weeks ago thru special connection of some MCS girls. Thru the quite complex linkage, somehow me and Edwin are invited to play soccer with other old boys. Since I had started playing soccer for a few times and already bought the gears, why not take the chance to get connections with the old boys here in Vancouver. They are practicing for the upcoming Lasallian Soccer Tournament held in L.A. Too bad that this summer I’m so busy that I can’t join the soccer trip. I can imagine it would be fun to have so many old boys from North America getting together. The practice is not as competitive as the soccer game at work, but still I’m quite exhausted after the game. The group then go to have dinner together. There are many fun stories and lots of laughs. One thing I discovered from an old boy is a cheaper way to buy cars. The tick is never buy a car from the salesperson in the showroom. After you had make up your mind on the models and options, and get some quotes from different showrooms, go to ask for the fleet department. The fleet department usually takes corporate orders, but they also takes walk in retail customers. Their price is much better than the sales in the showroom. The only concern is that they cannot compete with the sales, so makes sure you haven’t talk to any sales in the same showroom to get the cheap deal.

first goal

I had my first goal in the soccer game tonight, quite an accomplishment. However I lost 5 chances to have my 2nd goal. Too bad that it will be the last indoor game for a while. Starting from next month, we’ll try playing outdoor field which is free. The only bad thing about playing soccer late at night is I couldn’t sleep right away as the body is still in adrenaline rush. So I have to relax my mind a bit before going to bed.

soccer, ryan

Today I have my second soccer game, I think I had improved a bit but because of there is no substitution player, I’m very very tried. I got to try being a goalie in the second half too. The next items I’m going to get will be a pair of shorts and goalie gloves.

Ryan who sits next to me and worked with me since the first day I joined PMC is jumping the boat too. I sorta have a feeling he will be the next one, but when I know the news today, I still have a mix feeling. I’m happy that he can escape from PMC, and I truely gave him a congratulation. On the other hand, I feel a bit let down, that we join the company about the some time, and he is now moving ahead of me. Well, can’t deny that he works much harder than I do that our team once joked he is so stress out that he will go postal and start shooting everyone. Anyways, I still wish him good luck in the new startup. Somehow I always remember Dave Culley’s mini lecture on why one should not wish other bad luck. One day I will turn it into my own mini lecture.