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soccer, ryan

Today I have my second soccer game, I think I had improved a bit but because of there is no substitution player, I’m very very tried. I got to try being a goalie in the second half too. The next items I’m going to get will be a pair of shorts and goalie gloves.

Ryan who sits next to me and worked with me since the first day I joined PMC is jumping the boat too. I sorta have a feeling he will be the next one, but when I know the news today, I still have a mix feeling. I’m happy that he can escape from PMC, and I truely gave him a congratulation. On the other hand, I feel a bit let down, that we join the company about the some time, and he is now moving ahead of me. Well, can’t deny that he works much harder than I do that our team once joked he is so stress out that he will go postal and start shooting everyone. Anyways, I still wish him good luck in the new startup. Somehow I always remember Dave Culley’s mini lecture on why one should not wish other bad luck. One day I will turn it into my own mini lecture.

mass exodus

I have went to too many farewell lunch this month. Today yet another colleague is leaving the company and with stunting news three more I had worked with will leave soon, including one of my chess buddies. When the ship is sinking, I guess it is normal for everybody to jump the ship. I wonder does anyone will still listen to the tune of struggle with the company these days. Corporate loyal is long gone since the days of costing cutting become the norm in running business. What you get is what you pay, the universal truth.