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legal language

31st Mar 2005 - 02:40am Daily Scribble
Tonight our project team had a team building dinner with the leaders from Saskatoon. The food and beer are great, and most important the expense is covered by PMC. In the dinner, we had talked about how expensive it is to file a patent. It costs…


31st Mar 2005 - 01:37am Daily Scribble
Bittorrent is the de facto peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. According to a latest internet traffic survey, bittorent traffic alone account for 30% of total internet traffic. If you search hard enough, you could pretty much find anything…


30th Mar 2005 - 12:14am Daily Scribble
It is simply inhumane to have eight thirty meeting in the morning right after a long weekend. I did make it to the meeting on time, but the side effect is I feel sleepy all day due I deprived of sleep in the morning. There is another 2 hours boring presentation…

easter long weekend

28th Mar 2005 - 11:19pm Daily Scribble
This Easter long weekend is not very productive. In fact I’m so lazy that I havn’t written my blog for two days. However I had done quite a few things in this long weekend. In summary, I had hotpot dinner with CBC friends from work at…

new theory on the resurrection

26th Mar 2005 - 12:00am Daily Scribble
I went to Whislter with Pat today to try out her new snowboard. The weather is pretty good, and the snow condition is great. This is the first time I went to Whislter with just Pat and no one else. Today is quite an easy day for me since I need to company…

wash feet

24th Mar 2005 - 11:59pm Daily Scribble
Today is the day before easter friday, according to the Bible, tonight is when the last supper took place. I went to the passover mass at St. Marks college in UBC tonight. On top of the usual rituals, there is a feet washing event in the mass. I had…

newton’s three laws of graduation

23rd Mar 2005 - 12:10am Daily Scribble
We all had learnt Newton’s famous three laws of motion in highschool physic, which all of us accepted as universal truth since then. (Well, at least in non-nano, non-quantum scale). Now someone has discovered the long lost Newton’s…


22nd Mar 2005 - 08:41pm Daily Scribble
Worldwind is createdby NASA and is free to download. It is a model of earth with satellite photos overlay on the 3D terran, which you can fly over using different camera angle. The software also provide animation on different measurements on…

soccer shoes

21st Mar 2005 - 10:05am Daily Scribble
Today I went to Richmond to get soccer equitment with Jackson out of the blue. I didn’t plan to go, but somehow I just bump into Jackson on his way out and decided to tag along for the discount. I end up bought a soccer t-shirt, a pair of shoes…


20th Mar 2005 - 02:08am Daily Scribble
I used to had a prejustice on soccer, somehow I always thought soccer is not fun, just a whole bunch of guys chasing the ball. I think it’s partly due to the bad experience I had back in Lasalle. When I was young, I can’t run and I don’t…
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