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Unreality of time

31st Jul 2006 - 09:59pm Daily Scribble
I just finished my second essay for my metaphysics class. It is about the unreality of time. I criticize an article from a famous philosopher who tried to convince people time is unreal. The first response of most people, including myself, is…


30th Jul 2006 - 08:52pm Daily Scribble
Finally after procastinated for 2 months, I can no longer stand the dust accumlated in my place. This morning I took the time to completely clean my place, dust the place, vacuum the carpet, swiper the floor and brush the tiolet. I think no one…


29th Jul 2006 - 09:31pm Daily Scribble
Today I went to a wedding in CMCC and to my surpise, I found the homily of Fr. Chiu, the priest of CMCC, is not too bad afterall. In all the weddings in CMCC I went, Fr. Chiu always give the same boring canned homily about marriage and love. Today’s…

Garbage dump

28th Jul 2006 - 09:36pm Daily Scribble
This morning, I helped Pat threw away some years old garbage sitting in her garage, like old wood fence, door removed from renovation, broken excerise machine. The garbage is so big that we have to deliver it to the city garbage dump ourself.…

Vietnamese resturant

27th Jul 2006 - 09:43pm Daily Scribble
There is a new vietnamese resturant opened close to work. It is a branch of another famous vietnamese resturant in richmond. The quality of food there is really good. Its menu has some special dishes not found in other vietnamese places. It has…

Ford Explorer

26th Jul 2006 - 09:12pm Daily Scribble
My car is sent to the body shop to repair the door lock today. I got a courtesy car from a car rental company. Since they run out of compact cars, they gave me a Ford Explorer. It is a hugh monster 4×4 jeep. I feel like driving a boat on the road.…

Compotent Toastmaster

25th Jul 2006 - 09:08pm Daily Scribble
I have completed all my ten CTM speeches and earned the title of compotent toastmaster. It has been a long way since I joined the toastmaster club at work. Most of my friends at work think spending an hour in toastmaster meeting and preparing mock…

Weekend in Tofino

24th Jul 2006 - 07:39pm Daily Scribble
I just come back from having a relaxing weekend in Tofino. I am refreshed and re-energized. We went in as two couples. Pat’s friend’s boyfriend is a funny guy. He is one of the few Pat’s friends I find comfortable to hang out…


20th Jul 2006 - 07:02pm Daily Scribble
I havn’t had any vacation since last summer coming back from Europe. I am long for taking some days off to recharge myself. I am going to Tofino for the weekend. I will take two days off work plus skip one class. I didn’t plan this trip,…


19th Jul 2006 - 07:18pm Daily Scribble
I had a drink with a friend coming back from Toronto tonight. He moved to Toronto a few years ago when his company closed down the Vancouver office, outsource all the work to China. He told me that his company is going to close the research and developement…
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