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Essay Draft

30th Nov 2006 - 09:36pm Daily Scribble


29th Nov 2006 - 01:49pm Daily Scribble


27th Nov 2006 - 07:13pm Daily Scribble


26th Nov 2006 - 05:45pm Daily Scribble
Today, after many procastination, I finally take out my skis and bring them to ski shop for waxing. I was lazy at the end of last season, I didn’t wax it before putting it back into storage, so I have to do it before this season begins. I went…

First snow of 2006

25th Nov 2006 - 07:34pm Daily Scribble


24th Nov 2006 - 09:29pm Daily Scribble

Class cancelled

23rd Nov 2006 - 08:38pm Daily Scribble

Popular Camera

22nd Nov 2006 - 08:43pm Daily Scribble

Religion and politics

21st Nov 2006 - 09:01pm Daily Scribble

Classic love songs

20th Nov 2006 - 07:08pm Daily Scribble
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