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End of exile

29th Nov 2007 - 10:10pm Daily Scribble
Today I moved cubicle.  I moved back upstairs to the department I belongs to.  I ended my life living as an exile on loan to another department.  The physical environment is better.  The new cubicle is closer to the window, quieter and has…

Canadian Gunnutz

28th Nov 2007 - 09:38pm Daily Scribble
Canadian Gunnutz is a probably the most informative forum for Canadian shooters.  A forum is a virtual meeting place in the net.  It is hard to meet people loves shooting in real life, shooting is not a common sports after all.  It is important…

Parting with my toys

27th Nov 2007 - 08:45pm Daily Scribble
I have been collecting toys for many years. Over the years I bought boxes after boxes of toys and I end up having two display cabinet full of toys at home. It is time to part with them, some of them. There are a few reasons driving to say goodbye to my…

基督教思想史第一部 – 第六章﹕新教神學的發展

25th Nov 2007 - 07:55pm 宗教
十九世紀新教的神學發展主要分為三個主流﹐正統神學時期﹐虔敬主義和啟蒙運動。 正統神學 正統神學整理宗教改革時期﹐眾多神學家提出的新觀念﹐並將這些觀念系統化﹐建立一套可以與天主教神學分庭抗儷的神學基礎。基督教後來的神學發展﹐不論是自由主義神學或是虔敬主義神學﹐也是針對正統神學來提出批評改進。…

哲學功課﹕墮胎的道德爭議 Is Abortion Morally Permissible or Wrong?

24th Nov 2007 - 10:11pm 哲學

Harlem Globetrotter

23rd Nov 2007 - 08:43pm Daily Scribble
Today, I went to watch a game of Harlem Globetrotter, the famous comedian basketball team.  Pat got two free tickets from her school for seats far away, but the stadium is only half full, so we moved down to the first row to get a closer look. …

.22 competition

22nd Nov 2007 - 09:04pm Daily Scribble
I entered the .22 competition at my shooting club last week. I have to shoot 3 sets of 10 rounds from 20 yards in prone position, kneeling position and standing position respectively. The highest score is 300 rings, 100 rings for each target sheet.…

Time Zone

21st Nov 2007 - 08:54pm Daily Scribble
I went to work at 8a.m. this morning, because I have a conference call with the Indian design center. The different in time zone make communication between the two sites really inconvenient. I have two options when to have the meeting, 8a.m.…

Legal Languages

20th Nov 2007 - 07:28pm Daily Scribble
Legal languages often doesn’t make any sense, here is a good example. The APEGBC, the self governing body of BC professional engineers, is asking its members to ratify a bylaw amendment.  Recently, the court declared the section regarding…


19th Nov 2007 - 10:45pm Daily Scribble
I never cooked spaghetti before, since I don’t eat spaghetti at home.  Somehow I suddenly want to eat spaghett, so I decide to give it a try.  I always think cooking spaghetti is easy and I am right.  My first attempt of making spaghetti…
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