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Wedding Preparation

There are two ways for wedding preparation. One way is the dream wedding way, try your best to prepare a perfect wedding. Search many places around before deciding what is the perfect decoration, the perfect dresses, the perfect reception, the perfect banquet, basically everything has to be perfect. The pro is you will have the wedding you truly desired if everything goes as planned. The con is Murphy’s law always gets into your way. Unless you have a deep pocket to hire a really good wedding planner or have lots of free time to plan the wedding, the dream wedding way usually result in lots of stress.

The second way is the engineering wedding way. In term of engineering, everything has to be practical, and the result is judged only by the end.  Having the perfect or having a pretty good wedding makes no difference to most of the guests.  In the perception of the guests, a wedding is yet another wedding, unless it is really screwed up. Like studying for exam, it is quite easy to get 90%, but it takes a lot more extra work to get the remaining 10%. The same principle also applies to wedding planning. It is relatively easy to get a pretty good wedding, you can reuse the experience and tips from friends married ahead of you. However, trying to customize the wedding to be your perfect wedding is like getting the remaining 10%, it takes lots of time.

The return of investment for a perfect wedding does not justify its cost. Probably other than the couple themselves, no guests would pay any attention to the small details that make the wedding a the prefect wedding.



I just received my Graphistudio sample album today.  The leather binded wedding album comes in a elegant black suit case with a matching parent book set.  The sample album includes photos printed in different samples papers including, semi-gross paper in offset printing, gross paper with lamination and metallic prints.  It is very easy to order an album.  You just have to upload the pictures with to their FTP server, then submit an order form specifying the layout for each picture.  Graphistudio is probably the most high-end wedding album printing service I have seen.  The whole album is printed and binded in Italy.  It definitely beats the quality of your local print shop.  Don’t even mention to the crappy album come with the photo package from HK wedding studio.  It is like compare a Ferrari to a Hyundai, they are in two different league.  Highly recommended to couples who are planning their wedding.  Wedding album is the only thing, maybe except the video, in your wedding that you will often look back in 40 years.  It is a good investment to capture your finest moment in the best wedding album that you can afford.

Honey Moon Planning

Honey moon is the most important part of getting marry.  The wedding day is more an event for family and friends, and for the formality and paper works.  The honey moon is the enjoying experience for the newly wed couple.  I am assigned the task of planning our honey moon.

Pat want to have the real papal blessing from the Pope, Rome has to be in the itinerary.  Yes, it is the real papal blessing from the Pope, face to face, not just a phony piece of paper.  We know at least two couples got the real papal blessing, we just have to go through the paper work with the Church.  I want to relax in the honey moon, so no back packing style city hopping.  Package guided tour is out of question, since it won’t work with our papal blessing schedule.  With so many constraints, I come up with a perfect itinerary.

Fly to Rome, stay there for a few days, then take Mediterranean cruise.  We will let the ship take us to visit different cities.  I already narrow my decisions down to two choices.  A 7 nights Royal Caribbean cruise or a 10 nights Celebrity cruise.  Both are round trip cruise boarding from Rome, so the traveling is minimal.  Since the ship return to Rome on 5a.m., we can go straight to the airport and catch the 12:30p.m. return flight to Vancouver.  The question is should I trade 2 extra days in Rome with visiting 3 more ports.

Bacholer Party

Tonight is Stuart’s bachelor party. It is one of the most boring bachelor party I had went to. I knew it would be like that, but wouldn’t expect it will end this early. We can even catch the final Skytrain home. The groom can’t really drink, he puked after only a few shooters. I had a few drinks tonight, enough to get high but not drunk. I don’t think I had puked before. The event tonight is pretty standard, the bachelor party package A. It’s funny that Stuart and other guys parked at Brendwood Mall, but they forgot to get off the Skytrain at Broadway. So I have end up driving them home after I got my car at Commercial. Oh well… can’t really write anymore, got a headache after a few shooters, better sleep early tonight.


Today must be a good day in Chinese calender. I know two couples from church pick the today for their wedding. I couldn’t go to both of their ceremony, so I have to choose between them. The one I went to is pretty standard, marriage mass at St. Helen then banquet at Metrotown. The banquet surprisingly short, we finished all the dishes at 9:30p.m. There is nothing worth to mention in the wedding, except I don’t expect to see my cousin there. One thing I had noticed is when the bride and groom are playing games, it is better to have give them a mic, so it is more interactive. The audience are out of touch with the game just by the description of the mc.

After the wedding, I joined friends from work for poker game. I was practicing a new trick tonight. Now I can shuffle chips using single hand, like the professional players in poker show on TV. It is kinda useless, but fun, even more fun than the poker game itself.

Wedding planning

No, the title is not what you are thinking. I’m not planning my own wedding yet. Tonight I went to a wedding planning of my friend who is going to marry in August. I will be one of the groomsmen for the couple. It is kinda interesting that I know the couple separately without knowing they are together. I found planning a wedding is quite time involving. It is more than merely a banquet or a ceremony, rather it like a show where the bride and the groom are the leading actors. The planning session is quite messy and the details are full of errors. How can someone plan the groom’s speech after the toast to all the tables? I seriously doubt the groom can still stand straight after forced down so much alcohol at each table, let alone he have to delivery a good and touching speech. The banquet is western style, but they couple choose not to set up a dance floor. What a waste. In my own wedding, I’ll definitely have a dance floor. I will force all my groomsmen and bridesmaids to dancing crush course before hand. I will the power to assign who is going to dance with whom among them. That would be a good opportunity to setup future couples.


Haven’t have so much fun for a long time, probably not since the university day. Tonight is Vanessa’s, a colleague wedding. The wedding itself is pretty normal, in some sense that it is kinda boring. There was not many games for the bride and groom. The only highly of the night is Jason’s son kissed all the female guests. After the wedding, the group went to karaoke to have more fun. I haven’t sung karaoke for a long time, too bad that the karaoke we went doesn’t have the latest songs. Since I don’t have to drive tonight, I can drink a bit more usual. After some wine during the wedding and a few beer in the karaoke, I’m half drunk and can speak freely without much consequences. Haven’t felt that kind of highness for quite some time, and I don’t will be the next time. The reality is I’m getting old and could not afford to go wild that often. Sigh.. middle ages is getting close, sometimes I wish I don’t have to grow up, always like a teenage. Well… however that’s not under my control anymore, the society force a person to mature. Remember the Bible said, only those who are like children can get into the heaven, then what’s wrong to behave like an innocent child?

making cards

This afternoon, we had a card making session after the World Youth Day meeting. The whole parish team sit together, formed a assembly line, and cruched out all sorts of cards like Birthday cards, Thankyou cards, Get Well cards, etc. The cards are not very complicate, just nicely stamped patterns with sparkling power or ribbons, but they surely look good. We hope to sell the cards to the church goers on the next two Sunday and raise some funds to help our trip expensives. I always thought card making is a girly thing, and I still think so. Yet I helped out in the session as part of community bonding within the group. However, to my surprise, I found spending an afternoon to make cards is quite relaxing. When I concentrated on the small task in front of me, like folding paper, cutting ribbons, or stamping the patterns, I don’t have to think about all my troubles. I won’t mind do it once in a while for a good cause, but I surely don’t want anyone knows about the femimine side of me that actually enjoy making cards.

chocolate buffet

Tonight, I had a chocolate buffet with friends at Sutton hotel. The buffet is a bit disappointing, not as many variaty as I expected. I end up have to order an entree to fill up myself. Both of the friends I met with are going to get marry this summer, apart by just one week. They exchanged ideas on the wedding and honey moon, me and Pat can’t really participate in the talk, so we both listen to their conversation. Wedding seems so far and yet so close to me, especially hearing it happens to people around you. When Pat is a few years older, we have to start planning ours seriously too. For the moment, we can just keep dreaming how our wedding will look like. If it is possible, I’ll opt to skip the banquet, save the money to upgrade our honey moon. I don’t think we can skip the church ritual, but that shouldn’t be too expensive. Too bad we are not celebrities, or we can sell the broadcast right of our wedding to TV station to make some profit.